Boost your home’s value with easy DIY projects!

Some cheap and easy DIY projects will increase your home’s value. For example, make sure your locks work and your doors open and close smoothy — especially your front door because first impressions matter! Eliminate funny smells. Brighten up any dark areas of your home by switching out dim CFL bulbs and adding floor lamps and table lamps where necessary. Clean and paint dirty baseboards. All of these things are easy and make a big difference in how potential buyers feel about your house. Bigger projects, such as kitchen and bathroom updates also may be profitable, but when calculating your expected return on investment, it’s important to include all of the costs, including the value of your time, the impact of construction on your living conditions, and market timing. The real estate market is seasonal, so any projects that cause you to list at an inopportune time should be heavily discounted. Here’s a list from of 10 things that can boost your home’s value. I can help you prioritize and strategize so you can get the biggest bang for your buck!