“Alley Activation” coming soon to your neighborhood?

You’ve probably heard of carriage houses, but it’s time to add “ally flats,” “granny flats,” “laneway homes,” and “accessory dwelling units (ADUs)” to your real estate vocabulary. ADUs were banned until 5 years ago in most Denver neighborhoods. Now applications for ADU building permits are on the rise. Denver is following the lead of Vancouver, Canada, where hundreds of so called “laneway houses” have been built. Denver architect Terra Mazzeo is starting a company called AllyFlats. She says, “A lot of people don’t realize they can develop 650 square feet in their backyard. If they do know, they don’t have the ability to sort through all of the information on how to do it. Our business plan is to streamline that for them.” Learn more about ADUs in Confluence Denver’s recent article, “In Search of Density, Denver Developers Look to Backyards and Alleys”.