Lowry and Stapleton — Then and Now

Looking at the Lowry and Stapleton neighborhoods today, it’s hard to believe that they formerly were an air force base and international airport. The Lowry Air force Base closed in 1994, and the first houses were built in 1998. The Stapleton Airport closed in 1995, and the first houses were built in 2002. Construction — residential, retail, commercial, and municipal — is still underway in both neighborhoods. Lowry’s last major neighborhood is Boulevard One, located between Quebec and Monaco, north of 1st Ave. In Stapleton, construction is still underway both north and south of I-70. The last major Stapleton neighborhood, yet to be named, will be located just to the east of Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. Read more about what’s going on in Lowry and Stapleton in these articles in The Denver Business Journal, Confluence-Denver.com, and The Front Porch.